about us

We do a world of good

Pulsar isn’t your typical advertising and marketing agency. A big reason for that is that our clients aren’t typical clients.

Although they operate across a wide variety of industries – Environmental, Government, Retail, Transportation and Tourism to name a few – each organization we choose to work with is actually in The Business of Doing Good.

They solve global problems like providing clean air and water to millions of people. They solve regional problems like reducing traffic congestion citywide. And they solve personal problems like making one family’s morning just a little bit easier every day.

All in all, our clients are changing the world one customer at a time. And because we believe in what they do, we help them do it with every last bit of thoughtful, strategic and creative energy we have.

It’s hard work. It’s rewarding work.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our people:

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Our services:

Market Planning
Brand Development
Website and Interactive Design
Social Media
Public Relations
Community and Business Outreach
Media Planning and Buying
Multi-Cultural Marketing
Corporate Identity