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Building An Ad Agency With Purpose

On a cool January morning in 1994, Los Angeles was struck with one of the worst earthquakes in its history. The damage spread for over 85 miles, with aftershocks registering at nearly the same magnitude over the following hours. Major freeway interchanges across Los Angeles County had collapsed, and suddenly a city built around cars found itself almost completely unable to use them.

Pulsar was just a two-year-old ad agency at the time. And Metrolink (Southern California’s then-fledging commuter rail system) was our biggest client. We got a call from their Marketing Director telling us Metrolink planned on restarting service only a week after the quake so people could get back to their jobs. He said they needed us to design and print over 30,000 brochures with brand-new maps, create newspaper, radio and TV ads informing people about their plan, and find a way to distribute all of it – all within the next three days.

So we got to work. Most of the print shops were out of commission and their machines would need recalibration before handling any jobs. The freeways were closed, so getting our message delivered was going to be problem too. But we found the one print shop available, and hired a helicopter to deliver everything on time. Even though it seemed like an impossible challenge, we knew this was our chance to do good – both for our client, and for our community. And that’s been our mission ever since.

All these years later, as Pulsar celebrates our 25th anniversary year, we’re still working toward that goal in cities all over the country. We partner with clients whose products and services we believe in. We help brands use their influence to make truly lasting change. And we create work that not only sells what people want, but also gives them something they need. That’s what we call doing a world of good.


On Oct. 23, 2017, in honor of its 25th Anniversary, Pulsar begins a year-long celebration of “Doing a World of Good” by recognizing unsung heroes in the cities, counties and towns across the country and around the world. Subscribe to our blog to read about these people in our local communities. and nominate your own Doing a World of Good star or make a suggestion on our Facebook or Twitter page.