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Since the day we first opened our doors back in 1992, Pulsar has been focused on making the world a happier – and healthier – place. And nowhere is that effort felt more personally than in our work for the healthcare industry.

As an advertising and marketing agency with a physician owner and partner, we understand what it takes to help any health and wellness communications effort gain understanding, cooperation, and support from doctors, insurance agencies and the general public alike.

We’ve used this unique agency insight to provide effective and award-winning campaigns for healthcare clients across the country. And we can do the same for you.

Case Studies:


San Francisco Health Plan

Pulsar was assigned to develop and launch a branding and public information campaign for a pioneering new type of health insurance – the San Francisco Health Plan. After conducting extensive qualitative and quantitative research, Pulsar determined the most effective ways to introduce the plan’s complex array of insurance and clinical services to a diverse group of patients, medical providers, employers and other targeted opinion leaders.

The program was produced in seven languages including Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

As a result, San Francisco Health Plan enrollments reached every key target level developed for the program. Today, more than 90 percent of children in San Francisco have medical coverage.


L.A. Care

Pulsar was asked to help launch L.A. Care, a new HMO program that provided state subsidized insurance for children in low-income families. It was not only a new concept for the general population, but it also provided special communication challenges in marketing the program to a wide range of multilingual ethnic groups.

Because the details of the new program were fairly complex, Pulsar’s initial branding work deliberately emphasized the emotional benefits of the program, encouraging target populations to contact L.A. Care to begin exploring their options and learn more. All materials were produced in English, Spanish and Korean, and included separate training materials for social service and medical caregivers.

As a result, L.A. Care met and exceeded all enrollment goals, resulting in a need for larger subsidy budgets in the program’s second year!


Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation

Pulsar was tasked with developing a powerful brand logo, look and feel for the Luminous Foundation, an organization dedicated to serving uninsured and underserved breast cancer patients.

Our bold design work helped develop a strong, positive identity for the group, which its internal and external audiences could both fully embrace.

This work has continued to resonate with Luminous as they expand their mission to include not only breast health, but also the empowerment of young women with self-acceptance, confidence and physical well-being.


Orange County Health Care Agency

Like much of the country, Orange County, California is battling an opioid epidemic, with alarming numbers of residents overdosing and dying each year as a result of taking prescription painkillers. That’s why Pulsar Advertising and the OC Health Care Agency decided to combat these drugs directly, with an opioid misuse prevention campaign designed to look and sound just like the countless pharmaceutical ads that their audience was already familiar with. By turning the clichéd positive imagery and language from pro-drug commercials on its head, the created spots are making people think completely differently about what they should do when they receive an opioid prescription from their doctor.


Hiring Pulsar:

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