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Lessons Learned at My Pulsar Internship


Over the past five months at Pulsar, I have learned valuable lessons that I will take with me throughout the remainder of my advertising career. I started my career in communications over a year and a half ago, and have worked for a public relations firm, a design agency, and an advertising agency. While I have truly enjoyed my past experiences, I gained the most value at Pulsar. Not only was I truly submerged in client services and the creative process, I had an incredible manager who took an interest in my career growth and pushed me to become a better employee.

Coming from public relations, I had learned that it is easy to get overwhelmed and doubt your abilities. I also had a skewed idea of what working in advertising would be like and found myself incredibly nervous for my first day. However, once I started my internship, I quickly realized that advertising is so much more than what I imagined and found myself truly enjoying digital media and analytics. These past couple of months have solidified everything I had previously learned about the communications field, while also giving me a new perspective and appreciation for the industry. To keep myself on track in the future, I will fall back on two key points that I’ve learned here:

Time Management is Key

If you do not manage your time wisely, it is very easy to drown in work. Having good time management is the single most important thing I have learned at Pulsar, and with each experience my time management skills continue to improve. The key to time management is learning what tasks can be pushed back, and what tasks need to be done immediately. Time management is a very funny thing – one minute your email is empty and your clients are satisfied, and the next minute there is a client crisis and your inbox is flooded with hundreds of emails. Being able to spring into action and respond to your clients effectively and quickly has truly saved me from drowning in my work time and time again.

Be Confident in Yourself

To work in this industry, you have to be okay with others editing and changing your work. While I have grown immensely as a professional by having my work edited, it can sometimes be frustrating when something you worked very hard on is rewritten. From the day my career started, everything I have written has been scrutinized by at least five people by simply going up the chain of command. I have learned the hard way that the public relations and advertising industries expect you to write and speak a certain way. This can be a very difficult learning curve for the “correct” way to articulate yourself, but once I embraced it my work received fewer tweaks. Something I always have in the back of my mind is no matter how many red marks your work receives, you have to be confident in what you write and what you know.

So to my incredible bosses, mentors and coworkers: thank you for everything, Pulsar! I am walking out the door with a newfound confidence and I am ready to face this next chapter in my life.