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The Internship (no, not Google but Pulsar)

My experience at Pulsar has been a great one. During my time with the agency, I was able to see how each department, from account management to creative to production complement each other. Each day was an adventure, whether it’s researching ways to market transit to urban millennials, helping with social media efforts, organizing east coast team meetings or assisting with RFPs.

When I began my internship, I thought I would be stuck to my desk and running various office errands. While I did have to occasionally run to FedEx or make copies, I had many assignments that involved collaborating with team members in the DC or LA offices. I was offered opportunities to attend client meetings and truly understand the agency-client relationship. Honestly, I didn’t feel like an “intern;” but a member of an amazing team of designers, marketers and strategists.

Of all the things that I’ve experienced during the last seven months, I’ve truly appreciated the relationship that I’ve built with my coworkers. There was always laughter (even if it’s Jim’s silly toy dog), fun conversations and a sense of belonging. Although my time is over at Pulsar, I will always have memories and the skills I’ve developed.