GO Alex

City Of Alexandria’s GO Alex

City of Alexandria is among the Top 100 Best Places to Live (according to Livability) and one of the primary reasons is the number of options for getting around.  Whether it’s the Metro system, the free King Street Trolley, Capital Bikeshare, Amtrak/Reagan National Airport, or simply the romantic walk along the brick-lined streets – GO Alex brings them all to life for those that live, work or visit the City of Alexandria.

Challenge: Refresh the City’s transportation demand management brand from LocalMotion (during a routine Google search of “Local Motion Alexandria”, 7/10 results were for a local motion yoga studioand not for the City’s brand) that builds excitement, energy, engagement and ultimately behavior change while accumulating brand equity for the City.

Results: The new GO Alex brand was launched in October 2016.  With a limited marketing budget, the emphasis has been placed on community and business outreach while developing tools (collateral, video, displays, etc.) to educate, inform and engage target audiences.  The outreach effort has resulted to date in direct conversations/engagements with over 30,000 citizens and tourists as well as nearly 100 employers and over 2,500 employees.

Message: Good times and great rides all start with G Trans

Campaign: OOH, collateral, direct mail, community outreach, web video.


As we charter through life, it can be extremely easy to get caught up in our own endeavors. At times, I find myself so focused on my day-to-day responsibilities I lose perspective on what is truly important. Serving others. Serving my family, friends, and community is the epitome of Doing A World of Good. My encouragement to anyone reading this is to live with the understanding that each person you meet has significant value. With that appreciation, by default, you begin to act more out of kindness, compassion, and selflessness which leads to Doing A World of Good.