Let’s Do a World of Good

At Pulsar, we believe every branding, marketing and advertising answer begins by asking the perfect question: “How good could we be?” This question pushes us to make smart ideas brilliant. Encourages clients to choose extraordinary instead of expected. And engages customers to change their behavior with every thought-provoking experience we introduce.


We’re a full-service, customer-centric advertising and marketing agency that specializes in achieving measurable results in remarkable ways.


We don’t just create ads, commercials, apps and campaigns – we create positive change for our clients and their customers, every single day.

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Thinkers. Dreamers. Creators. Doers. We come from many different backgrounds, yet are all working toward a common goal.


When each one of us dedicates a single act to making somebody else feel better we create, in a clear moment, an outburst of positive energy. It’s as simple as that. Just talk to anyone, validate their presence and establish a dialogue. In a moment, powerful opportunities present themselves to make that other person feel better. So, go ahead talk to someone. That action in itself is incredibly empowering. Then ask yourself, how good can you be at making their world a little bit better.


Making a difference, having an impact or Doing a World of Good. The truth is that any one of us can take actions every day to make the world a better place. And we should! But the magic happens when our team partners with a client and together we Do a World of Good in a BIG WAY. For me, whether I’m helping out at my church, serving on my local non-profit board or developing the next generation of marketers, it’s all Doing a World of Good to me – and truthfully – it’s the most rewarding part of my day!


After almost, let’s say an ample amount of years in this business, I find the most pleasure in watching the Pulsar team adapt to new challenges. I love being able to open doors for the creative and inspired ideas they bring to our clients every day. This makes the world good to me and makes me smile whenever our collective agency and client teams succeed.


I ride my bike to the office to do a world of good for the planet. I think creatively and strategically all day to do a world of good for my clients. I make time to play after work to do a world of good for my kids. And I write parenting books with my wife at night to do a world of good for families everywhere. All that may not do a world of good for the amount of sleep I usually get, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I get my idea of doing a world of good from this thing my mom planted into my head years ago and it’s stuck with me. Our reactions are stones being thrown in a pond, which is made up of people and our environment, and we can have negative or positive ripples. We’re not always going to make positive ones but it’s important that we’re aware of how our actions impact other people. You want to be thinking about what is the effect of all these small things you’re putting into the world.

Andy C

I believe advertisers have a responsibility to do a World of Good. You can’t try to fool people. The solution to a creative problem has to be genuine and persuade from a truth. That’s why I share each day’s work with my two teen daughters – if they think I’m selling products and services in a positive way, I know I can sleep easy every night.


I’m extremely sensitive to the energy I bring to the workplace. It’s important to me that the people I work with feel safe and comfortable. I’m concerned about the overall collaborative process and the energy of the environment around me. I try to be approachable, have a sense of humor about stuff. And to never miss an opportunity to do the same things outside of work.


Doing a world of good means finding a personal purpose that contributes to society as a whole. For me, that’s animal-rescue work, not only because they’re some of the most vulnerable beings, but also because of what they can do for humans. They can bring therapy and rehabilitation and enrichment to our lives. But doing a world of good doesn’t have to be about finding a cause. If every person contributed just a little of their passion and talents, we could make a real difference on a local or community level.


A world of good to me means to leave no stone unturned. To be a master of adventure. I want to see and experience everything this planet has to offer. That’s why I travel and try new things as often as possible. So I can understand new cultures, find new waves. The best way to do a world of good is to understand and appreciate that world.


Felix Limardo loves doing a world of good for Pulsar’s clients through his passion for film and video production. Whether it’s helping a longtime friend who’s husband passed away going back into the World Trade Center on 9/11 to make a film about his life or helping citizens learn how to be active participants in the policymaking process or helping Fortune 500 companies be sensitive to their diverse customers – It’s really all about focusing on one person or one passion at a time.


A World of Good means to me to always give the best of you. As a firm believer of “pay it forward”, a simple smile to others (even strangers) or just giving a helping hand without been asked. Whatever you put out in the Universe, you’ll get it back in a better way, even if it’s just the happiness or satisfaction of doing good to others. In my case, I want my daughter to learn that and be part of it, this is the place she’ll be in, that’s why values and being a good person is what I focus on the most, so she can keep building a true World of Good and Love!


To me, doing a World of Good means believing people are inherently good. I never want to jump to the worst possible conclusion about one’s character. Having a predisposed opinion about someone makes you immediately think negatively of them and judge even their smallest actions. Doing a World of Good means seeing people for who they actually are with an open mind and an open heart.


Putting myself in someone else’s shoes in order to see their whole picture is how I try to do a world of good in my life and in my work. By helping people to bring their visions to life through this lens, and seeing my hard work pay off in this way are fulfilling to me and are what drive me and the work that I do.


Communication is not just what I do for work, it is how I strive to do good every day. Whether as a professional, spouse/parent, coach, community leader or average citizen, I use the power of communication power to help me learn, inform others, bring people together, build consensus and support, overcome challenges and get things done. Yet, I’m always mindful that effective communication is more than just telling. It also truly listening, understanding and collaborating to achieve not just what is good for one of us but for all of us. Helping individuals and organizations communicate better is how I do world of good.


How do you live your life doing a World of Good? It’s a smile in the morning, a friendly hello, a listening ear, or going the extra mile to extend yourself to help someone else. It’s the way I’ve tried to live my life and I bring that passion and commitment to work every day. There is nothing like watching an idea take shape, the collaboration that goes into it, and then watching the end result make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals you were trying to reach. Some wise person once said, it’s not hard, but it isn’t easy. So just like a four-foot putt in golf, you keep trying until you get it right. We Do A World of Good by never giving up, staying focused on our objectives and working with the knowledge that we are making a positive difference for those we serve.


Doing a World of Good starts with taking a step back. We all see our own “world” – but the most good can be done where they overlap and influence each other. I love looking for these overlaps and figuring out where we have commonality and opportunities to work together. Whether I was living in DC or in the Carolinas or in Greece or in Thailand – I’ve looked for places to connect and serve. Now I look for ways to show my daughters how our differences are small but important, and how we can bridge gaps in understanding. I’m grateful to be part of an agency setting out with intent to serve each day.

Jim B

To me, a world of good centers around developing a greater understanding of the people around us. By developing a willingness to ask questions & try new things, we can unstick from our static routine to find solutions that push us forward.


Doing a world of good means doing the small things I can all add up.


When I hear “Doing a World of Good” I think of the phrase “Leave it better than you found it.” The first time I heard that phrase it stuck with me and ever since it has been one of my guiding principles. I do my best to leave things better than I found them, but I also try to leave people better than I found them. Whether it’s making someone smile, taking the time to listen or just having a good time with others, it’s important to recognize the potential of every interaction, no matter how small it may seem. Because the more positivity we spread to others, the more they have to spread as well.


Our ultimate goal is making a positive impact on those around us and those coming after us. Doing a world of good means the effect that we leave is absolute and significant. We all should continue to reach outside ourselves in the work that we do, making sure that we maintain the balance of positive energy. The marketing world is ever-changing and fast-paced, so it is important that these efforts maintain integrity. Every step we take leaves a footprint, so why not let it be beneficial in the bigger picture?


A world of good is making a difference, no matter how small. Paying it forward, treating others with kindness, checking in on your friends and family, and doing what you can to make an impact each day leads to helping create a better world for everyone. We each have something to give to this world, why not make it a good one?



“Integrity is telling myself the truth – honesty is telling the truth to other people” (quote from Spencer Johnson) I think Doing A World Of Good begins with both.


I believe we were put on this planet to use our talents to make this world a better place. Making a positive impact in just one persons life can be the start of an endless chain for a World of Good!


How good could we be together? Whether you’d like to hire us, work for us or simply chat with us, we’re always ready to talk.

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