Virginia Dept. Of Taxation

It’s Hip To Be Square

By creating an “outbreak” of people with giant square smiley face heads, Pulsar created a fun and engaging campaign that was in sharp contrast to traditional government taxation communications (i.e., “we know where you live and we’ll get our money”).

Results: The Get Square campaign resulted in the Commonwealth of Virginia collecting $103 million in back taxes (more than double the 48 million goal). And we did it in the middle of the worst recession in 75 years and with only a $1 million budget

Challenge: Convince people who owe back taxes to pay up

Message: If you get square on your tax debts, you’re going to feel pretty darn amazing

Campaign: TV, web videos, OOH, print, website, press launch event, client provided – direct mail, 24/7 live chat/hotline, PR/media.