The digital and social ads generated nearly 16 million ad impressions and more than 41,000 clicks, with the most recent campaign generating a click-through-rate of 1.95%. Pulsar continues to evolve the campaign and provide LIRR with engaging creative and messaging to promote and grow their Getaways program.

Challenge: As part of NY MTA’s AOR, to build brand awareness of Long Island RR as well as sales of getaway vacation packages.

Campaign: Print, online


As we charter through life, it can be extremely easy to get caught up in our own endeavors. At times, I find myself so focused on my day-to-day responsibilities I lose perspective on what is truly important. Serving others. Serving my family, friends, and community is the epitome of Doing A World of Good. My encouragement to anyone reading this is to live with the understanding that each person you meet has significant value. With that appreciation, by default, you begin to act more out of kindness, compassion, and selflessness which leads to Doing A World of Good.