30 Years of Doing a World of Good

When I founded Pulsar Advertising in October of 1992, the marketing and advertising environment was completely different from what we know today. There were only four major TV news outlets, the first website on the World Wide Web was barely a year old, Bill Clinton was the only U.S. President to have ever sent an email, and the ideas of social media or phones that let us do anything other than make calls were still years away!

Now, after surviving the Northridge Earthquake, 9/11, the dot-com bubble bursting, the Great Recession and a global pandemic, Pulsar Advertising is proud to be entering its 30th year in business!

nullI couldn’t have predicted such sustained success way back then, when after eight years at Grey Advertising, I took a risk by striking out on my own and crafting a proposal for the Metrolink account in Los Angeles. But I won it. And since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to oversee a team that has expanded Pulsar to locations in 10 cities with a robust client base including industry leaders in travel, tourism, environment, government, transportation, healthcare, education, consumer products and more.

From my early days in the business, I learned that one key to success is the solid foundation of a strong brand. Our team has applied that principal to all of Pulsar’s clients, where I often serve as one of their biggest brand ambassadors.

While advertising, marketing and communications channels have changed dramatically in the last 30 years … the key to engaging consumers and changing behavior has fundamentally remained the same. We still must appeal to people by crafting our messages into emotionally driven words, images and experiences that touch people’s hearts.

Overall, Pulsar is driven to work with clients who want to change the world each day, and I look forward to partnering with them in Doing a World Good for the next 30 years!


As we charter through life, it can be extremely easy to get caught up in our own endeavors. At times, I find myself so focused on my day-to-day responsibilities I lose perspective on what is truly important. Serving others. Serving my family, friends, and community is the epitome of Doing A World of Good. My encouragement to anyone reading this is to live with the understanding that each person you meet has significant value. With that appreciation, by default, you begin to act more out of kindness, compassion, and selflessness which leads to Doing A World of Good.