Let’s Do a World of Good

At Pulsar, we ask powerful questions. But “How good could we be?” is our favorite. This question pushes us to make smart ideas brilliant. It encourages clients to choose extraordinary instead of expected. And it challenges audiences to change their behavior with every thought-provoking experience we introduce.


We don’t just create ads, commercials, apps and campaigns – we create lasting change for our clients, every single day.


Work hard, play often, and do as much good for people as you can. Both in and out of the office, that’s the Pulsar way.


Thinkers. Dreamers. Creators. Doers. We come from many different backgrounds, yet are all working toward a common goal.


Executive Creative Director

When each one of us dedicates a single act to making somebody else feel better we create, in a clear moment, an outburst of positive energy. It’s as simple as that. Just talk to anyone, validate their presence and establish a dialogue. In a moment, powerful opportunities present themselves to make that other person feel better. So, go ahead talk to someone. That action in itself is incredibly empowering. Then ask yourself, how good can you be at making their world a little bit better.


Regional Director

Making a difference, having an impact or Doing a World of Good. The truth is that any one of us can take actions every day to make the world a better place. And we should! But the magic happens when our team partners with a client and together we Do a World of Good in a BIG WAY. For me, whether I’m helping out at my church, serving on my local non-profit board or developing the next generation of marketers, it’s all Doing a World of Good to me – and truthfully – it’s the most rewarding part of my day!


Managing Director

After almost, let’s say an ample amount of years in this business, I find the most pleasure in watching the Pulsar team adapt to new challenges. I love being able to open doors for the creative and inspired ideas they bring to our clients every day. This makes the world good to me and makes me smile whenever our collective agency and client teams succeed.


Creative Director

I ride my bike to the office to do a world of good for the planet. I think creatively and strategically all day to do a world of good for my clients. I make time to play after work to do a world of good for my kids. And I write parenting books with my wife at night to do a world of good for families everywhere. All that may not do a world of good for the amount of sleep I usually get, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Creative Art Director

I get my idea of doing a world of good from this thing my mom planted into my head years ago and it’s stuck with me. Our reactions are stones being thrown in a pond, which is made up of people and our environment, and we can have negative or positive ripples. We’re not always going to make positive ones but it’s important that we’re aware of how our actions impact other people. You want to be thinking about what is the effect of all these small things you’re putting into the world.

Andy C

Associate Creative Director

I believe advertisers have a responsibility to do a World of Good. You can’t try to fool people. The solution to a creative problem has to be genuine and persuade from a truth. That’s why I share each day’s work with my two teen daughters – if they think I’m selling products and services in a positive way, I know I can sleep easy every night.


Art Director

I’m extremely sensitive to the energy I bring to the workplace. It’s important to me that the people I work with feel safe and comfortable. I’m concerned about the overall collaborative process and the energy of the environment around me. I try to be approachable, have a sense of humor about stuff. And to never miss an opportunity to do the same things outside of work.


Research and Account Executive Assistant

To me, “doing a world of good” means helping out people as often as I can, even in small ways. For example, I know I am good with technology so I try to help friends and coworkers with any tech questions or problems. And on the weekends I’ll take the bus whenever I can – like to the beach or to the bars. One fun thing I get to do every year is volunteer at one of UCLA’s networking events. I look forward to helping students achieve their goals by reviewing their resumes, giving them advice on internships, or helping them find networking opportunities.


How good could we be together? Whether you’d like to hire us, work for us or simply chat with us, we’re always ready to talk.

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